About Us

About Us

Resort Management Group (RMG) is a Landscape Construction and Maintenance company formed by landscaping, agricultural, planning, development, and business associates. Primary founders Max Yarawamai and Reed Kishinami created RMG in February of 2003 after working together at Kukio Golf & Beach Club. Both Max and Reed were motivated to build an innovative, flexible, caring organization that incorporated all aspects of business, community, and family. While trying to address the high demand of landscaping on the Big Island of Hawaii they have taken the best parts of corporate business, private/small business, and resort management styles and have blended them to form a unique management organization that goes beyond the paycheck or profits. RMG LLC was founded on family oriented beliefs, beliefs that influence the organization of the company. We recognize the need to be flexible and take pride in our “can do” attitude. RMG is committed to cultivating a site to its full potential for all of their diverse customers.


To review and capitalize on good business opportunities by utilizing our company abilities and strengths. RMG is founded on family oriented beliefs, beliefs that influence the organization of the company. We are committed to involving all members of the company so to improve all aspects of our growth. Resort Management Group will take on every opportunity keeping in mind that anything is possible with the flexibility and a “can do” attitude.


RMG is continually seeking individuals who are interested in landscaping fields. If you would like to become a part of the RMG ohana, or family, please contact us at (808) 329-5525 or fill out the form on our contact page.

RMG Community Involvement and Sponsorships

Resort Management Group is committed to giving back to all of our island’s communities providing our families with brighter futures. We recognize that by contributing to community efforts we are providing our families with brighter futures. RMG is actively involved with many organizations and nonprofits across the Pacific and continually strives to make a positive impact. Our vision is to live life with integrity and honesty and these values are exemplified in our community work.

Here’s the list of projects that we’re involved in and have sponsored:

  • Oceania Community Health

  • Wow Wow Park – Kailua Kona, HI

  • Community Basketball Court – Paauhua, HI

  • Annual Big Island Roi Fishing Tournament

  • Hospice Center – Lanai City, HI

RMG Leadership

Max J. Yarawamai

Managing Member

Max has a vast and diverse landscaping and agricultural background in Hawaii spanning three decades. His tremendous experience in farming and nursery operations coupled with his landscape construction expertise makes him one of the most respected contractors in the industry. Max has led a number of various projects in which he oversaw all the landscape construction, maintenance, and nursery facilities. All the while, Max solely owned and operated Waimea Landscaping, a landscape and irrigation construction firm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Max and his wife Cindy have two daughters and live in Kamuela, Hawaii. Originally from Ulithi Atoll in Micronesia, he has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years and with his adopted brother Thane Hancock has created a non-profit, Oceania Community Health, so to help those who have helped him along the way. If not at the job site Max can be found out on his beloved fishing boat, always looking for that big catch.

Reed W. Kishinami


Reed Kishinami is an experienced manager in construction. From being a part-owner of the Parcon Group, LLC, to a Senior Projects Manager for Takano Nakamura Landscaping, in which he oversaw various aspects of construction and nursery operations, Reed has been an integral part in the development of many projects, most importantly Resort Management Group. Prior to his landscape experience, Reed was a Project Manager for the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) managing high-rise development projects and coordinated urban planning initiatives. In addition to his RMG responsibilities Reed also serves on the Oceania Community Health board with Max. A fourth-generation islander, Reed his wife, Kim, have raised one daughter. He is passionate about golf and discovering new interests and tastes around the world.

Project Awards

Resort Management Group is proud to have been involved with the following award winning projects:

Kamuela Residence
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Honolulu 2009 Excellence Winner
Kaupulehu Beach Club Phase 1
  • AIA of Honolulu 2009 Award of Merit
Punahou School K-1 Neighborhood Project
  • AIA of Honolulu 2009 Unbuilt Award
  • AIA of Honolulu 2009 Mayor's Choice
  • Award A Vision for a 21st Century
  • Ahuapua'a
Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Renovation
  • AIA of Honolulu 2009 Distinguished Entrant
  • AIA of Honolulu 2009 People's Choice Award
  • Building Industry Association (BIA) of Hawaii 2009 Grand Award, Commercial Remodeling (more than 15,001 sq ft)
Kukio Golf Club
  • AIA of Honolulu 2008 Excellence Award
Kauna'oa Country Club
  • BIA 2007 Grand Award, New Commercial (5,001 - 7,500 sq ft)